What is snow room?

Easy snowflakes slowly fall and thaw on a palm. Fluffy snowdrifts shine as whiteness. Wherever you look you will see outlandish caps and intricate patterns from snow. Frosty air braces up and freshens. Is it winter? No, it is a snow room! The SnowVision snow room designed by the well known German company, is a fine place for rest, a fashionable novelty for sauna complexes in the wellness and SPA-centers, fitness-clubs and private houses.

Healthcare effect

The SnowVision snow room is the remarkable way of relaxation. Winter cold after the hot room or saunas braces up and fills with energy. The Russian banya` fans know it very well - with what delight they run out from the hot steam room to frost, smear with snow, jump into snowdrifts! Physicians confirm that contrast temperature changes improves blood circulation, rise skin condition and the body is filled with energy and vital force.

Original design

The mysterious grotto or snow queen kingdom - an original individual design and considered lighting of the snow room add sensation of physical pleasure and aesthetic enjoyment. The SnowVision snow room can be made in accordance with customer requirements and taste and will easily match an interior.

Perfect safety

Artificial snow in SnowVision consists of clean air and fresh potable water, there are no chemicals and additives in it, it is more clean and safety than winter atmospheric snow which, alas, frequently contains harmful impurities due to bad ecological conditions. The comfortable temperature in the SnowVision snow room is of -1°С at which snow does not thaw and keeps its softness and "woolliness". In the room there is slightly damp atmosphere which provides ease of breath and no risk of cold.

Modern technology

The SnowVision snow room is equipped with the most effective system for formation of artificial snow and maintenance required temperature parameters. Modern technologies allow not only to create soft and fluffy snow but also to adjust its formation independently.